• Cway Water Dispenser Ruby 3F-58B20HL


    CWAY RUBY 3F 58B20HL Silver & Black is a water dispensing system(s) that entails a revolutionary way of drinking water.

    CWAY Water Dispenser with double door is user friendly and  exceptionally styled. This water dispenser is built to complement your home and offer you pure water from the stylish body finishing design that comes in Black colour.

    It is energy saving and cost effective as it consumes low power and saves you money. It can be plugged to a wall outlet or stabilizer. It offers you cold and hot water all day. The CWAY Water Dispenser is essential for every home and office as it safeguards the health of yourself and family.

    The new improved Cway water dispenser has a two(2) way dispensing outlet that dispenses hot and cold water, it has a water collector and a replaceable puncture pencil. It equipped with an automatic temperature control mechanism as well as an energy saving mechanism.

  • Cway Water Dispenser Ruby 3F-58B20HL


    CWAY Water Dispenser is quality, user friendly and exceptionally styled‎,‎ this CWAY dispenser will complement today‎’‎s home and workplace for many years to come‎.‎ It features double doors‎,‎  a fridge and a water tray‎,‎ as well as are place able pencil puncture‎.‎


    • Double door
    • Hot & cold water
    • Freezer/ Sterilizer
    • Water Collector
    • Replaceable pencil Puncture
    • Child lock
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